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All non-degree and Master's Computer Science students need advisor approval, before they can register for courses. Students are required to schedule an appointment with their advisor to review their progress towards degree and the courses they would like to take in the upcoming semester.

All MSIS students have Katie Hughes, as their advisor. All MSCS students who started their studies before the Fall 2012 semester, will have Jennifer Conlan Darlington,, as their advisor. MSCS and non-degree students that began their studies in Fall 2012 and have last names that begin with letters A-D have Katie Hughes,, as their advisor. All MSCS students and non-degree students that began their studies in Fall 2012 and have last names that begin with letters E-Z have Jennifer Conlan Darlington,, as their advisor. Master's students should bring a completed Degree Requirement Form with them to their meeting. Students should either use the  MSCS Degree Requirement Form or the MSIS Degree Requirement Form, depending on their program of study.

Due to the large number of students in our programs, students should set up their appointments with their advisor early. Waiting to the last minute can delay your ability to register. Please be aware of the applicable registration dates and possible late fees. These are listed on the Registrar calendar and the Bursar calendar:

Students are given appointment times for registration, based on how many earned credits each student has. Based on the number of credits you have earned so far, you will be given a day on which to begin registering. You can register after that date, but you will not be able to register before that date.

Current courses are not calculated into the earned credit amount. Only credits from successfully completed courses are counted. For example, if you are a full-time student in your second semester, you likely have completed 9 earned credits, assuming you took and successfully completed three courses in your first semester. If you are a full-time student in your first semester, you have not successfully completed any credits yet.

The registration appointments are broken down as follows:

Number of earned credits

27 earned credits or more - Initial Registration on 1st day

18-26 earned credits - Initial Registration on 2nd day

9-17 earned credits – Initial Registration on 3rd day

0-8 earned credits - Initial Registration on 4th day

If a student does not plan on registering for a course in any particular semester, with the exception of the summer, the student must register for Maintenance of Matriculation (MAINT-GA 4747-001). Students will still need to set up an appointment and gain advisor clearance to register for Maintenance of Matriculation. For more information on Maintenance of Matriculation, visit:

Please note the act of registering generates related tuition charges for which students are financially responsible. Check the NYU Bursar's Refund Schedule for exact dates on when students can drop a course and still receive a refund:

Information on the Office of the University Registrar can be found here:

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