Scheduled Talks: Fall 2014

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Following are announcements for talks scheduled for presentation by the Department of Computer Science. All talks, except as noted, are held in room 1302 WWH at 11:30am (with refreshments at 11:15am). To subscribe or unsubscribe from the colloquium mailing list, use this page. For more information, please contact Stephanie Tracy (

Date Speaker/Affiliation Details Host Room
October 10, 2014 Fahad Dogar, Tufts University Revisiting Network Resource Allocation in Data Centers Lakshmi Subramanian Warren Weaver Hall, 1302
October 17, 2014 Thomas Ristenpart, University of Wisconsin-Madison Getting to the Cloud and Using it, Securely Subhash Khot Warren Weaver Hall, 1302
October 28, 2014 Jon Howell, Microsoft Research **Special Day/Time: Tues 10/28 @ 2pm ** Ironclad: End-to-End Security via Automated Full-System Verification Michael Walfish Warren Weaver Hall, 1302
November 07, 2014 David Johnson, Columbia University Open and Closed Problems in NP-Completeness Richard Cole Warren Weaver Hall, 1302
November 11, 2014 Minlan Yu, University of Southern California Scalable Policy Enforcement for Switches and Middleboxes Lakshmi Subramanian Warren Weaver Hall, 412
November 14, 2014 Ted Selker, University of California-Berkeley Activities in Considerate Systems Ken Perlin Warren Weaver Hall, 1302
November 21, 2014 Krzysztof Choromanski, Google Research New York The Erdos-­Hajnal Conjecture and Combinatorial Clustering with Forbidden Patterns Joel Spencer Warren Weaver Hall, 1302

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