Computer Science Minors

The Computer Science department offers a minor in Computer Science, Web Programming and Applications and a joint minor in Computer Science/Mathematics. We teach both computer science and technology so that students can develop the skills they need to pursue their careers and interests. Our interdisciplinary approach allows for students from all backgrounds and fields to find our courses both fun and practical. We can accommodate all levels so no prior background is required. If you do have prior computer experience, we would welcome you into our advanced classes.

All College of Arts Science students are eligible to pursue any of these programs. Non-CAS students will need get authorization from their school. At least two courses must be used to exclusively satisfy minor credit. Students with transfer credits are required to complete half of their minor requirements at the Computer Science department.

A grade of C or better is necessary in all courses to fulfill the minor requirements.

Please contact the Program Administrator, in room 323 CIWW to declare any of these minors.

  • Minor in Computer Science
    • V22.0101 Intro to Computer Science
    • V22.0102 Data Structures
    • V22.0201 Computer Systems Organization
    • V63.0121 Calculus I

  • Web Programming and Applications
  • ANY FOUR courses offered by the computer science department. Topics vary each semester. Typical choices include:

    • V22.0001 Computers in Society
    • V22.0002 Intro to Computers & Programming
    • V22.0004 Computers in Principle & Practice
    • V22.0060 Database Design & Web Implementation
    • V22.0061 Web Development & Programming
    • V22.0101 Intro to Computer Science
    • V22.0380 Topics of General Interest
    [Note: Stern students are not eligible to enroll in the Web Programming and Applications minor.]

  • Joint Minor in Computer Science and Mathematics
    • V22.0101 Intro to Computer Science
    • V22.0102 Data Structures
    • V63.0121 Calculus I
    • V63.0122 Calculus II

    For more information please review the Course Descriptions or contact the Program Administrator, in room 323 CIWW.
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