SUMMER 2007 Registration

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SUMMER 2007 registration on ALBERT begins on February 5.

The SUMMER 2007 SCHEDULE has been posted.

See the CS DEPARTMENT ACADEMIC CALENDAR for important dates and deadlines specific
to the Computer Science Department's graduate student body.

Remember that the department website's schedule is always more up-to-date and accurate
than the schedule published in booklet form by the University.

And don't forget that if you do not register for a course in any particular semester (with
the exception of summer) you must register for Maintenance of Matriculation

See the COURSE ROADMAP for help selecting your courses.
For further course advice, contact:

Prof. Chee Yap (, Director of Graduate Studies for the MS program
Office hours: Tuesday, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.; Wednesday, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
room 416, Warren Weaver Hall; 212 998-3115

Prof. Michael Overton (, Acting Director, MS in Information Systems
Office hours by appointment
room 529, Warren Weaver Hall; 212 998-3121

Follow these links for information on FULL-TIME EQUIVALENCY and INDEPENDENT STUDY

Also remember that the act of registering generates related tuition charges for which you
are financially responsible. Even before payment is due, you must officially drop courses before
the first day of class in order to cancel tuition incurred by registering.
Check the NYU BURSAR'S REFUND SCHEDULE for precise dates.

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