[xtc-announce] xtc 1.13.1

Robert Grimm rgrimm at cs.nyu.edu
Tue Oct 16 21:23:10 EDT 2007

It is my pleasure to announce xtc version 1.13.1. The release focus
are bug fixes, including for the Rats! parser generator, the Typical
type checker generator, and the Jeannie compiler.

As important user-visible changes, columns now start at 1 (instead of 0)
and all errors in (preprocessed) C and Jeannie code are now
reported relative to their original file name and line number by
parsers and type checkers alike.

The Jeannie compiler now implements the language as described in the
OOPSLA paper. The new jeannie.sh shell script manages the complete
build process from Jeannie source to Java and C binaries.

Enjoy at http://cs.nyu.edu/rgrimm/xtc/.


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