[xtc-announce] xtc 1.8.2 beta release

Robert Grimm rgrimm at cs.nyu.edu
Sat Jul 22 11:28:30 EDT 2006

The source release of xtc 1.8.2 beta 1 is now available at http:// 

The major change for this release is a completely rewritten  
transformer phase for Rats!. This phase deduces semantic values,  
lifts nested choices, repetitions, and options, and desugars  
repetitions and options. The rewritten code is more modular, more  
accurate, and more uniform --- and, I very much hope, easier to  
modify and maintain.

Since this phase is at the heart of Rats! and I have aborted several  
attempts to rewrite this fairly complicated code over the last year,  
I am asking you to test the new version before a more general  
release. The code included in the beta release correctly processes  
all grammars distributed with Rats! and also passes a set of newly  
added regression tests (type "make check-rats" at the top-level --  
you need expect and DejaGnu installed). For comparison testing, the  
old version of the transformer phase is still available with the - 
oldTransform option. However, that code is deprecated and will be  
removed soon.

Please throw your grammars at the new and improved version and send  
me your feedback.

Thanks to Thomas Moschny for convincing me that this rewrite finally  
had to happen.


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