Scheduled Talks: Spring 2004

Following are announcements for talks scheduled for presentation by the Department of Computer Science. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the colloqium mailing list, use this page: For more information, please contact Jillian Kerlin (

Date Speaker/Affiliation Details Host
Friday, January 16 New York University
New York University
NYU Workshop on Computational and Biological Learning Yann LeCun
Friday, February 6 John Harrison
Intel Corporation
Verifying Floating-Point Algorithms Using Formalized Mathematics Clark Barrett
Friday, February 13 Birgit Pfitzmann
IBM Zurich
Justifying Formal-Method Abstractions of Cryptography - A provably secure Dolev-Yao model Yevgeniy Dodis
Monday, March 8 Sayan Mukherjee
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis Richard Cole
Friday, March 12 David Andersen
Improving the End-to-end Availability of Internet-based Systems Richard Cole
Friday, March 26 Mehryar Mohri
AT&T Labs Research
Rational Kernels -- A General Machine Learning Framework for the Analysis of Biological Sequences, Text, and Speech Richard Cole
Tuesday, March 30 Ilya Nemenman
Estimating information content of biological data Richard Cole
Wednesday, April 7 Lenore Zuck
New York University
Translation Validation of Optimizing Compilers Richard Cole
Friday, April 9 Neil Spring
University of Washington
Reverse-Engineering the Internet Richard Cole
Friday, April 16 Stefan Saroiu
University of Washington
Content Delivery in the Modern Internet Richard Cole
Monday, April 19 Martin Wainwright
UC Berkeley
Message-passing algorithms in graphical models and their applications to large-scale stochastic systems Richard Cole
Friday, April 23 Kevin Murphy
Probabilistic graphical models for scene and object recognition Richard Cole
Monday, April 26 Jeremy Elson
From TimeSync to EmStar: What's really hard in sensor networks? Richard Cole
Friday, May 14 IBM Research/NYU/Columbia Theory Day Theory Day Yevgeniy Dodis & Tal Malkin
Tuesday, June 15 Andrew A. Chien
University of California, San Diego
Taming Lambda's for Applications: The OptIPuter System Software Vijay Karamcheti

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