For an extensive list of all the seminars taking 
		place at the Courant Institute, please consult:
                        * CIMS Weekly Bulletin
                        * Seminars of the Courant Institute

:Math Graduate Student/Postdoc Seminar Series:: Held throughout the year, the Grad Student/Postdoc Seminar is a series of weekly lectures given by professors, postdocs and graduate students. It has two purposes: (1) To give students (and others) an opportunity to learn what kind of research is being done here at Courant without needing any specialized knowledge in that area. (2) To give graduate students and postdocs a chance to give talks in front of a friendly and supportive audience. The current schedule of speakers can be found in the weekly bulletin or here. :CS Student Seminar Series:: During the Fall semester, the computer science faculty give brief presentations of their current research. All graduate students are welcome to attend, but the primary intent of the faculty presentations is to provide first and second year cs students with information for finding a compatible research advisor. Please consult the Research Orientation Sessions calendar.