The Courant Student Organization caters to the needs of 
		computer science and mathematics graduate students at NYU. The 
		CSO aims to provide recreational and cultural activites for the
		members of the Courant graduate student community. The group 
		plans weekly gatherings, such as the Courant Tea, hosts events
		(parties), sponsors intramural sports teams and plans trips
		each semester. In addition, seminars are provided throughout the
		year to assist PhD students with issues including finding summer
	        internships. During the spring semester, the CSO sponsors a 
		weekly student lecture series (with lunch).
			Information on current CSO sponsered events can be found
                on this website under "EVENTS" or "CALENDAR" and through the
		mailing list. Since the main goal of the CSO is to help graduate 
                students enjoy their years at NYU, suggestions/ideas are 
		encouraged. Direct questions and comments to the mailing list or
		one of the representativeslisted below.


			The Courant Student Organization has an e-mailing list 
		called fun-at-cims that keeps students informed about events and 
		gives them the opportunity to find others with similar interests
		(soccer buddies, fellow musicians, chess players, etc). All 
		students are welcome to subscribe to it, which they can do by 
		visiting the following web page and following the instructions.
		On our part, we will try to keep the list busy by notifying people
		of relevant events, discussing further ideas for events and 
		sometimes asking people to volunteer to the organization of those 
			To join, send a blank email to:
		join-fun-at-cims [AT] lists [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu
			You can also browse the list archives.

			Math students also send emails to:
		mathdoc [AT] cims [DOT] nyu [DOT] edu


			If you would like to join the organization and/or 
		volunteer for a specific event do one of the following ::
				* write to the fun-at-cims mailing list
				* come to a CSO meeting 
				* email a representative


			Computer Science PhD Representative
			* Paul Gazzillo, gazzillo [AT] cs (2013-2014)
			* Matt Tierney, tierney [AT] cs (2012-2013)

			The Math representatives for the 2010-2011 year are:
                        * Evan Chou, chou [AT] courant
                        * Eduardo Corona, corona [AT] courant
                        * Dharshi Devendran, dharshi [AT] courant


			* CS Department
			* Math Department
			* NYU