Honors Algebra II - Spring 2015- V63.0349

SPECIAL NOTE: There WILL be Recitation the first week, Jan 30. While assignments will not be collected it will be an important time to get (re)acquainted with our TA -- Mark Kim.


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Prof. Joel Spencer
wwh 829; x83219; {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-5

Class Hours

Monday, Wednesday 11-12:15; place TBA


Instructor: Mark Kim

Recitation, Friday, 2-3:15, wwh317

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General Stuff

This website deals with Algebra II, Spring 2015. Students are expected to have taken Algebra I, though not necessarily from Prof. Spencer and not necessarily Fall 2014. The basic subject matter is Fields, including Galois Theory. (Because this is a transition year, we shall NOT assume that you have taken the Honors Algebra I.)


Send me an email: {lowercaselastname}@cims.nyu.edu

Movie Time!

On Thursday, February 19, 8pm, a new documentary will be shown at MoMath. Counting From Infinity gives the story of Yitang Zhang, the mathematician who in 2013 made a crucial breakthrough towards solving the Twin Primes Conjecture. The film recounts the story of Zhang's perseverance against adversity, his discovery, and its place in mathematical history. Prof. Spencer will make comments and lead a discussion following the movie. MoMath is at 11 E 26 Street. This is NOT part of the course and completely optional. MoMath is an entertaining museum and you might well enjoy it. Please note that tickets are NOT free!

MoMath Info and Registration


Generally, one student will be the scribe for each class and will take careful notes. These will be sent to Prof. Spencer (.pdf or .jpg are fine, often photos are taken with the student's phone) who will post them here. Scribe postings will be here.


Generally there will be assignments every week. They will be put online, usually on Monday, and due at recitation. (They will be posted here.)

Assignment 1, NOT TO BE SUBMITTED postscript LaTeX pdf


Solutions will be posted here after the recitation section.



Extra Stuff


Final Exam