Summer 2013

Nathan Hull

In Class Example Python Programs

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Monday, July 29th (Review for Midterm)

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Thursday, July 18th

OVER-THE-WEEKEND PROBLEM - Read in a value for the height on an X, and print it out using "*"
So, if you input 5, you would get:

*   *
 * *
 * *
*   *

But, if you input 6, you would get:

*    *
 *  *
 *  *
*    *

Also, make certain that it works for an input of 1:


Wednesday, July 17th

OVERNIGHT PROBLEM - Random melody: do1, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do2. The melody should start with either 'do' and stop when two 'do's are found in a row. Print the length of the melody.

Tuesday, July 16th

OVERNIGHT PROBLEM - Keep choosing Jellybeans until four reds are chosen IN A ROW

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