Computer Vision

Davi Geiger

Graduate Division

Computer Science

Classes are schedule Wednesdays 7:10 pm to 9:00 pm, at CIWW 101.

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Office Hours and Location: Wednesday 4:00 pm.

TAs: Jonathan Tompson ( and Ye Ji (

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Books: None

Course Structure: theory and laboratory work. Groups of three students will work together in developing vision applications. Programing Language/Environment: MATLAB

Projects will be developped in class and as homeworks. Evaluation is based on participation and project results.


1. Introduction to Computer Vision.
Lecture 1.pdf
A historical film about the beginning of computer vision MIT-1959

2. Singal Processing
Learning MATLAB is necessary. Also, there is a large library of computer vision algorithms including how to read and write image files at opencv

To learn convolution, one may go to any signal processing material or convolution

To learn wavelets, Haar and Morlet Wavelets, here is the first introduction of the concept HaarWavelet.Basics.pdf

and then one may go to any material or Wavelets

Haar Wavelets

Morlet Wavelets

MATLAB Morlet Wavelets

3. Stereo Epipolar Lines and Calibration






Homework 1: Assignment1.pdf

Images: , butterfly.jpg

Homework 2: Stereo.




Stereo pairs: Middleburry Data set 2006 We will work with the stereo pairs "Aloe" and "Monopoly"