Class Progress

This page tracks the class, giving a description of the lecture, associated reading, and any homework assigned that day. Class demos will be posted here too.

Date Topics Covered Reading Demos Homework/Handouts
Tues, Sept. 2 Class basics; eclipse setup; a first program; string input and output; Chap. 1 0902 HW0 , Due Friday Sept. 5 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 4 Variables and their sizes, positive and negative integers, base 2 arithmetic. Chap. 2 0904 HW1 , Due Thursday Sept. 11 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Sept. 9 booleans, characters and Ascii/Unicode, if and if/else statements, ternary operator Chap. 3,
part of Chap. 4
Thurs, Sept. 11 nested if/else statements; switch statement; while and do/while loops; sentinels; more of Chap. 3; start Chap. 5 0911 Examples HW2 , Due Thursday Sept. 18 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Sept. 16 short-circuit evaluation; more while examples; random numbers More of Chap. 4 and 5 0915 Examples
Thurs, Sept. 18 for loops (forwards and backwards); algorithm for converting binary to decimal, String methods: charAt and length more of Chap. 4 and 5 0918 Examples
Tues, Sept. 23 nested for loops; testing for primes; methods (call stack, activation record, formal parameters, arguments) finish Chap. 5, start Chap. 6 0923 HW3 , Due Tuesday Sept. 30 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Sept. 25 Method overloading; one dimensional Arrays (declaring, initializing, getting space for, proessing, passing to methods) Chap. 7 0925 HowToZIpYourHW
Tues, Sept. 30 passing arrays to and from methods, copying array, circular shift example Chap. 7 0930 HW4 , Due Saturday Oct. 4 by 11:55 PM
Thurs, Oct. 2 reversing an array (both copying and in -place), linear search for element in array Chap. 7 1002 ListOfTopics
Tues, Oct. 7 review of previous homework: formatted printing, finding digits of an integer using % and integer divide, counting random numbers formatted printing is in Chap. 3 1007
Thurs, Oct. 9 First Test
You can bring 1 page (8.5 by 11,two-sided) of notes
Tues, Oct. 14 No Class - Fall Holiday
Thurs, Oct. 16 Go over test1. Binary Search, Selection Sort Finish Chap. 7 See next class demos HW5 , Due Thursday Oct. 23 by 11:55 PM
Javadoc Info
Tues, Oct. 21 javadoc, finish selection sort, bubble sort, using (static) methods from other Classes. 1021
Thurs, Oct. 23 2D arrays; Objects. Chap. 8, Start Chap. 9 1023 HW6 , Due Thursday Oct. 30 by 11:55 PM
How to Install Processing
Tues, Oct. 28 reference variables for objects, instance variables, static variables, invoking object methods with '.', getter and setter methods, private/public attributes, use of `this'. Chap. 9
Thurs, Oct. 30 Processing demo,
Quiz on sorting algs. and 2d arrays
Examples to be posted. HW7 , Due Sat. Nov. 8 by 11:55 PM
Tues, Nov. 4
Thurs, Nov. 4
Tues, Nov. 11
Thurs, Nov. 13
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Thurs, Nov. 20
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Thurs, Nov. 27 Thanksgiving Holiday
Tues, Dec. 2
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Tues, Dec. 9
Thurs, Dec. 11 (Last class)
Final Exam ** 8:00-9:50 AM ** on Tuesday, Dec. 16