Aaron Schumacher on Machine Learning

Hello ACM, Tomorrow Aaron Schumacher will present “Machine Learning Playground”. He will talk about what machine learning is, the kinds of problems it addresses, doing machine learning on kaggle, and a couple useful tools, including vowpal wabbit. This… Read More

Elections 2013!

Hello ACM and Progteam, The time has come to elect the officers for 2013-2014. Two of the current e-board, Alexandra Qin and myself, are graduating, so we need new officers. Every officer participates in keeping ACM friendly and… Read More

Final Meeting of the Semester 5/5 – Officer Elections

The ACM’s final meeting of the Spring 2008 semester will be held tonight, May 5th, in room 317 of Warren Weaver Hall at 7:00 PM. We will holding officer elections for the upcoming calendar year, celebrating the past… Read More

Last Week: Officer Nominations and Trivia Winners

NYU ACM's Alex Pine

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Next Month: Last ACM Meeting of the Year!

Official winners of the First Annual NYU ACM Computer Trivia Game were Rob Lockhart, Graham Lawlor, and Alex Pine, forming the Team of the Squeaky Toy. Strong showings by all. Shall they live on in glory… until next year.

Here are the officer nominations from April 7 (with elections to be held May 5):


Meeting 4/7/08: Officer Nominations and Trivia Game

This Monday, April 7th, the ACM at NYU will be holding its monthly meeting in room 317 of Warren Weaver Hall at 7 pm. We have two exciting items on the agenda: officers nominations for the 2008-2009 academic year, and the First Ever NYU ACM Computer Trivia Game (FENACTG)! […]

Discussion on Post-graduate Life with NYU CS Graduates

Discussion on Post-graduate Life with NYU CS Graduates

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At this month’s ACM meeting we will host 8 recent graduates of the Computer Science Department for a frank discussion about post-graduate life. Students pursuing a range of opportunities, including PhD Research, Google, Goldman Sachs, and even their own start ups, will informally discuss the options available to graduating students and the experiences they’ve had since graduation. […]