Computer Security

1st cyber security post

01.04.13 | Eric | Permalink | Comment?

Today we will go through the talk I gave at the ACM club last semester.  I will also be talking about some resources for you, the student interested in cyber security. Today we will be talking about backtrack and metasploitable. Definitions: Backtrack: an operating system used to penetration test systems around the world. metasploitable: an [...]


Computer Security

0th security tutorial – the big picture

12.07.12 | Eric | Permalink | Comment?

Today will begin a series of posts on cyber security.  I hope you will all enjoy these.  I plan to update the blog with a new tutorial I’m working on at least once a week.  Over the breaks probably many times a week. So why should you care about cyber security?  I would say there [...]

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Hack Night!

12.06.12 | Nicole | Permalink | Comment?

Hey Everyone! Hack Night is happening in t-minus 50 minutes in CIWW 311 (the ACM office!). We’ll be working with OpenCV, the pi, the Roomba, the MakerBot, and fielding questions relating to just about anything so swing by, hangout, and check out ALL THE THINGS! -nicol337

Programming Team

Progteam 2012

09.06.12 | Nicole | Permalink | Comment?

Hello, I hope everyone’s summer was great and that the first day of class wasn’t too brutal! Progteam is starting up again on Tuesdays 6-8 and Saturdays 1-6. There will be problem solving, algorithmic analysis, and much more all in preparation for the International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) on Sunday, October 28th at Stonybrook in Long Island, NY (more ICPC info here). The first meeting this Saturday [...]

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Migrated WordPress, please update your bookmarks.

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New URL: Report issues to www3 via e-mail.    

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Interview Night

03.19.12 | admin | Permalink | Comment?

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing break. Just a reminder that we’re having interview night (again) on Tuesday, March 20th, at 7pm in room 317. This is a great opportunity to learn some good techniques for CS interviews, learn what to expect from them, and get a little bit of practice with algorithm/logic questions. [...]


The Coming Monday — Derek: Tech Talk about Tumblr!!!

02.22.12 | admin | Permalink | Comment?

Let’s keep this blog short, so it might imitate a “tumblelog.” Event: Derek Gottfrid (, API lead at Tumblr, will give us an interesting tech talk about Tumblr Date: February 27, 2012 Monday Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Location: Courant Institue Room 517 Address: 251 Mercer Street, New York


Tech Startups and Wall Street

02.02.12 | admin | Permalink | Comment?

When: Tuesday, February 7th Where: 251 Mercer St, Room 317 About the Talk SecondMarket is continuously iterating and developing its platform for trading alternative assets. In this talk, find out from Michael Lysaght, SecondMarkets VP of Engineering, how its technology platform has gone through a number of major overhauls, the reasons for these changes and [...]


ACM’s First Joint Venture with Poly’s EIA, Featuring Fred Wilson

01.26.12 | admin | Permalink | Comment?

Join NYU Poly’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association for their first event of the spring semester: Commercializing your idea! Hear start-up success stories from names like Fred Wilson of Union Square ventures, mingle with fellow entrepreneurs while you grub on delicious FREE food! EIA seeks to create an ecosystem that will build on NYU Poly’s i2e [...]


Spring 2012 ACM Meetings

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ACM meetings are on every Tuesday nights at 7PM this semester. We planned lots of exciting nights for you. You can take a look at our tentative agenda at Besides, you can sign up our mailing list for updated information at The first meeting will be next week, 31st January 2012. We are [...]

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