Elections 2013!

Hello ACM and Progteam,

The time has come to elect the officers for 2013-2014. Two of the current e-board, Alexandra Qin and myself, are graduating, so we need new officers. Every officer participates in keeping ACM friendly and fun, in setting up talks and events, and in keeping the room open.

The positions are not strictly defined and everyone works together, but roughly:
Secretary – Record meetings.
Webmaster – Maintain and improve the ACM website.
Treasurer – Handle ordering food and tracking expenses.
President – Decide.
Vice President – Anything else.

We will be holding the election by secret preference ranked ballot on May 6th at 6:15PM in room 202 of WWH.

If you want to run for an officer position, be there and be ready to speak about the many ways in which you are the best for ACM!

See you all there,
Raphael Sofaer
ACM President (but not for much longer!)

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