Modeling the mind

Researchers have found a relatively cheap (in terms of computation), way to model the human mind.  This new tech is called Neurogrid and it uses significantly less simulated neurons!  (by a factor of about 600 less than the… Read More

Aaron Schumacher on Machine Learning

Hello ACM, Tomorrow Aaron Schumacher will present “Machine Learning Playground”. He will talk about what machine learning is, the kinds of problems it addresses, doing machine learning on kaggle, and a couple useful tools, including vowpal wabbit. This… Read More

Elections 2013!

Hello ACM and Progteam, The time has come to elect the officers for 2013-2014. Two of the current e-board, Alexandra Qin and myself, are graduating, so we need new officers. Every officer participates in keeping ACM friendly and… Read More

What are the costs/benefits of Times Square?

By Eric Schles, Zhangshuai Li, Daniel Padawer, Daniel Cohen, Benjamin Xie, Christopher G Williams, and David Iserovich Setting the stage: Today we asked the following question – What are the costs/benefits of times square? During this day of… Read More