Elections 2013!

Hello ACM and Progteam, The time has come to elect the officers for 2013-2014. Two of the current e-board, Alexandra Qin and myself, are graduating, so we need new officers. Every officer participates in keeping ACM friendly and… Read More

Hack Night!

Hey Everyone! Hack Night is happening in t-minus 50 minutes in CIWW 311 (the ACM office!). We’ll be working with OpenCV, the pi, the Roomba, the MakerBot, and fielding questions relating to just about anything so swing by,… Read More

The Coming Monday — Derek: Tech Talk about Tumblr!!!

Let’s keep this blog short, so it might imitate a “tumblelog.” Event: Derek Gottfrid (derekg.org), API lead at Tumblr, will give us an interesting tech talk about Tumblr Date: February 27, 2012 Monday Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm Location:… Read More

Daniel Goddemeyer will give a talk about IDEO this Tuesday

Daniel Goddemeyer, an employee at IDEO will come in to meet us on 3/22 (first Tuesday back from break). We will start at our usual 7 pm and would go for about an hour or so. You will… Read More

Stephen Messer will teach us mindreading

Next Tuesday (Feb 22, 2011) at 7:00 PM we have a mind reader by the name of Stephen Messer coming in to read our minds and maybe even teach us a thing or two.

the 2010 SPRING HACK @ NYU’s Courant Institute

The ACM and ADI at Columbia, as well as the ACM and tech@NYU at NYU, are excited to present a new opportunity for undergraduate students interested in the interface of technology and entrepreneurship: HackNY. HackNY.org works to federate… Read More


Plastic today, Skynet tomorrow! Members of NYU ACM joined soldering irons and screwdrivers to build a 3d printer from scratch. Pictures in ‘maker bot’.


The NYU Chapter of ACM is proud to cosponsor Memefactory. Right after the ACM Kick-off Meeting, we will join the event: Friday, October 9 at 7:30 PM CIWW 109 We hope that you join us for this incredible… Read More

Corporate Tech Panel co-sponsored with WinC

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 6:30pm, Courant Room 109 Hear technology professionals from various business sectors talk about how technology is used in their company, the issues that they currently face, and what is in store for the future…. Read More

“The First Internet Election?”

John Perry Barlow – October 27th, 2008 – 3:30pm “The First Internet Election?” See the talk on YouTube! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qhf63UZMo0M John Perry Barlow, American poet, essayist, and cyberactivist, will explore the notion that the 2008 presidential election was the… Read More