Interview Prep

Hey guys! Want to be employed? Scared of being grilled about random questions while coding on a white board? Come tonight to get tips about job searching and interviewing. Hear from Danna (who successfully found a smart person job… Read More

Beginner Series #2: Git

Hey peeps, hope you had a great weekend. Tonight we have another beginner series talk for you, this time on git! Come on out to CIWW 201 at 7:15 p.m. to learn why and how you should use… Read More

Into the Abyss: CPython

Hey everyone! Tomorrow night is our first real talk, Into the Abyss: CPython. It’ll be given by the lovely Nicholaus on the very lovely subject of, you guessed it, CPython. It’ll be in CIWW 517 at 7:15 p.m…. Read More

Beginner Series #1: Python

Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend! Tonight is the first beginner series talk on Python. We’ll start at zero knowledge of python and build our way up to creating an AI named clyde who will achieve… Read More

First Meeting: General Interest

First meeting is tomorrow, September 10th at 7:25 in CIWW 517! This is a general interest meeting so come out, eat some free food, meet some people, hear our plan for the club, and, most importantly, let us… Read More

List of Beginner Series Talks

Here’s the tentative list of beginner series talks! These will be mondays at 7:15 in room 1314. Python C Data Structures Assembly Regex Git Editors Linux/Command Line Networking Sci Kit Learn

List of Talks

Hope you guys had a great first week of school! Here is a list of the talks we have in mind, but are subject to change. These will be thursdays at 7:15 in room 517. We’ll be populating… Read More

Elections 2013!

Hello ACM and Progteam, The time has come to elect the officers for 2013-2014. Two of the current e-board, Alexandra Qin and myself, are graduating, so we need new officers. Every officer participates in keeping ACM friendly and… Read More

Interview Night

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing break. Just a reminder that we’re having interview night (again) on Tuesday, March 20th, at 7pm in room 317. This is a great opportunity to learn some good techniques for CS… Read More

Daniel Goddemeyer will give a talk about IDEO this Tuesday

Daniel Goddemeyer, an employee at IDEO will come in to meet us on 3/22 (first Tuesday back from break). We will start at our usual 7 pm and would go for about an hour or so. You will… Read More

ACM meeting tomorrow (3/1)

Hello, We will be having a meeting tomorrow (3/1) at 7 PM in CIWW 317. We will be working on both the 3D printer and Egg Bot, but the highlight of tomorrow will 3 more demos. They are:… Read More

Weekly ACM Meeting Spring ‘11

What’s up, nerds? We host a weekly meeting every Tuesday from 7:00 PM in CIWW Room 317. Spend this awesome semester with printing, planning, playing and hacking (Max’s words) with us! See you all there! ACM

Stephen Messer will teach us mindreading

Next Tuesday (Feb 22, 2011) at 7:00 PM we have a mind reader by the name of Stephen Messer coming in to read our minds and maybe even teach us a thing or two.

the 2010 SPRING HACK @ NYU’s Courant Institute

The ACM and ADI at Columbia, as well as the ACM and tech@NYU at NYU, are excited to present a new opportunity for undergraduate students interested in the interface of technology and entrepreneurship: HackNY. works to federate… Read More

Weekly ACM Meeting Spring ’10

What’s up, nerds? We host a weekly meeting every Thursday from 9:00 PM in Room 311. Spend this awesome semester with printing, planning, playing and hacking (Max’s words) with us! See you all there! ACM


Plastic today, Skynet tomorrow! Members of NYU ACM joined soldering irons and screwdrivers to build a 3d printer from scratch. Pictures in ‘maker bot’.

Kick-off Meeting

The NYU Chapter of ACM is hosting a kickoff meeting for this year! Mark your calendars: Friday, October 9, 2009 6:00 PM CIWW Room 317 Join us for an exciting meeting with delicious pizza and refreshments. Come and… Read More

RepRap Resistors

THE END IS NEAR! Self-Replicating 3D Printer Spells Doom for Us All! Zach Smith is coming for a second talk about NYCResistor. This time they will be presenting RepRap 3D printer. RepRap is an open source project to… Read More

NYC Resistors Bre Pettis

NYU ACM Chapter presents…. Bre Pettis of NYC Resistors and MAKE magazine Hackerspaces: Desperate Collaboration, Rats, and Cooking with High Voltage Electricity Bre Pettis, producer of the almost published book, Hackerspaces: The Beginning will explain how to start… Read More

October Meeting

The ACM’s October meeting was held this Monday Oct 27. We had five short demonstrations by student members as follows : 1. Introduction to LaTeX (Alex) Alex leads us through the basics of LaTeX. 2. Tips on CIMS… Read More