In Git We Trust

When you play the game of clones, you merge or you reset –hard. Heard of this thing called Git? Do you know you should be using it yet you never do? Do you lie through your teeth and… Read More


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Modeling the mind

Researchers have found a relatively cheap (in terms of computation), way to model the human mind.  This new tech is called Neurogrid and it uses significantly less simulated neurons!  (by a factor of about 600 less than the… Read More

Aaron Schumacher on Machine Learning

Hello ACM, Tomorrow Aaron Schumacher will present “Machine Learning Playground”. He will talk about what machine learning is, the kinds of problems it addresses, doing machine learning on kaggle, and a couple useful tools, including vowpal wabbit. This… Read More

What are the costs/benefits of Times Square?

By Eric Schles, Zhangshuai Li, Daniel Padawer, Daniel Cohen, Benjamin Xie, Christopher G Williams, and David Iserovich Setting the stage: Today we asked the following question – What are the costs/benefits of times square? During this day of… Read More

A naïve prediction on how the consumer market for computational resources will look in 5 years.

In five years you won’t be able to buy laptops or desktop retail. Or at least it will be a niche market. How is this possible? With the rise of distributed computing and a shift from “computation at… Read More

python in a nutshell

Hey everyone, if you missed Jeremiah Malina of TECH@NYU’s demodays, you missed something worth seeing.  The presentation covered a lot of ground fast.  But most importantly he gave some excellent resources. –functional programming in python –a… Read More

Tech Startups and Wall Street

When: Tuesday, February 7th Where: 251 Mercer St, Room 317 About the Talk SecondMarket is continuously iterating and developing its platform for trading alternative assets. In this talk, find out from Michael Lysaght, SecondMarkets VP of Engineering, how… Read More

ACM’s First Joint Venture with Poly’s EIA, Featuring Fred Wilson

Join NYU Poly’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Association for their first event of the spring semester: Commercializing your idea! Hear start-up success stories from names like Fred Wilson of Union Square ventures, mingle with fellow entrepreneurs while you grub… Read More

Spring 2012 ACM Meetings

ACM meetings are on every Tuesday nights at 7PM this semester. We planned lots of exciting nights for you. You can take a look at our tentative agenda at Besides, you can sign up our mailing list… Read More

Weekly ACM Meeting Fall ‘11

What’s up, nerds? We host a weekly meeting every Monday from 8:00 PM in CIWW Room 312. Spend this awesome semester with coding, planning, playing and hacking (Max’s words) with us! See you all there! ACM

Memefactory is Friday April 22nd at 8:30 pm in CIWW 109.

meme/mēm/Noun 1. An element of a culture or behavior that may be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, esp. imitation. Have you ever wondered where memes come from? Be prepared to take a tour through… Read More

A great video by Eric Hong: ACM @ NYU – MakerBot + EggBot

Like the video? Just come to our weekly meetings. The MakerBot and the EggBot are waiting for you =) ACM @ NYU